Earl Parker's Combat! Photos - Courtesy of M-1 (Chris Cooper) and Gary Lunder
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Earl Parker Photos from 1968

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September 1968    

Vic (behind the camera) and ??

Pictures 2 through 14 are from Vic and Earl's work on the film "River of Mystery," with Claude Akins and Louise Sorel. The film was shot in South America and Rio de Janeiro.

Vic Morrow and Claude Akins
Vic Morrow and ??
?? and Vic Morrow
Vic Morrow, Louise Sorel and Claude Akins
Claude Akins, Vic Morrow and Carl
Claude Akins and Vic Morrow
?? and Vic Morrow
??, Claude Akins and Vic Morrow
Vic Morrow
Vic Morrow, Claude Akins, Louise Sorel, and ??
Vic Morrow and Claude Akins
Vic Morrow
Vic Morrow and ?? in South America

November 1968    
Conlan Carter