Earl Parker's Combat! Photos - Courtesy of M-1 (Chris Cooper) and Gary Lunder
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Combat! Photos from 1967

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January 1967    


Per Dodger: January 1967, Photo #1. This photo is taken from the episode, "The
Gantlet". This sequence is at the end when Saunders comes to his senses during the firefight between the British and Germans. This was filmed on a hillside in northern Griffith Park behind Travel Town and the Los Angeles Live Steamers property.

September 1967    

Earl Parker

Per Sarge Ginette: About this photo. As much as I want it to be Vic, it's not him. It's Earl Parker. Look at his right hand. If it was Vic the index would have been different, the finger on that pic is normal size, not Vic cute little index. I may be wrong but he really looks like Earl. No I'm sure it's Earl.

Per Lynn Tremblay: Sarge Ginette, I looked at that pic a while (okay. A looong time), and the right index on that man really does looks normally shaped. Vic's right index didn't look like that. But Boy! Does the face ever look like Vic's! It's uncanny. It's hard to figure. So,
looking at man's face and his index, trying to compare and figure them both out, I have
to conclude that you're right; there's a much bigger chance that pic is of Earl than
might be of Vic.

Per Filly: I agree...but for a different reason. That isn't Vic's mouth...it is Earl's. The whole shape of the head is too square. And the body is a tad leaner than Vic, too. Definitely Earl. But is there any way to know where it was taken, during the filming of which episode?

Per TG and Marta: We've finally analyzed the slide with a high-powered magnifying glass, and TG's learned opinion is that it's Earl. :-)

3 4

November 1967


??, Vic Morrow and Joanna Lee

Per Filly: Page 3, picture 4 and page 4, picture 1 are from Vic's movie Target: Harry. As I recall, Earl was Vic's stunt double on that one.

Per ChipsChick: The short blonde woman with Vic is his girlfriend Joanna Lee possibly in Istanbul when he was doing Target Harry. Don't know who the other woman is.

Per White Queen: About EP's photos...there's one on page four of Vic walking down a street with his girlfriend, and it just gave me a sudden case of goosebumps because it was so neat to see Vic when he wasn't being Sgt. Saunders or some other equally wonderful character, but instead just to catch a glimpse of Vic being a real person walking around with his girl and some friends. I don't know, it just touched me.

Victor Buono and Vic Morrow, with ?? off to the far right side in the pic.

Per Filly: Picture 3 is from Vic's movie Target: Harry. As I recall, Earl was Vic's stunt double on that one.


Per Dodger: Photo 8 appears to have been taken at some army facility. An educated guess would be at Fort Ord, California (near Monterey) when the Combat! cast went to boot camp.

Per Filly: I have a question for you all. Now just give this a thought and don't poo poo it right away. OK. Dodger, you say that picture 4 is Fort Ord where the guys took their training. I want to suggest a slightly different scenario. Remember I think it was peacekeeper commenting that they looked like a group of Israeli commandos? Well, as I looked at the pic, I am not convinced first that is Pierre. They guy looks awfully tall for Pierre. Second, the guys are wearing what appear to be camo if not some kind of a pattern more similar to tiger stripes. In every picture I've seen from there, the Combat guys were dressed in green fatigues. I don't believe that they'd have been given several outfits for the training. And we know that in Combat the squad never wore camouflage. Next. The boots don't look right to my unpracticed eye. Is there any evidence that this actually *is* in the United States? I've been looking for evidence...like the painting at the back of the truck on the right (has a kind of European look...the license plate is either long or there is a bumper sticker on it. The shape and size of the car or truck? Any of the buildings or signs? *Could* this be a picture of soldiers in Israel? Just a thought. I think I heard that Vic took Earl and several others with him to Israel...after Target Harry was done? And we *do* have pictures of Target: Harry taken by Earl. Anybody else any observations? If not then I won't bother to continue. Just a thought.

Per Sarge Ginette: Filly - I agree with you on this. Because if you go to Camo's Canteen. Camo has an article up there showing the guys of Combat! when they were training and they are not dress like that.

Per ChipsChick: Thanks so much for providing the space to display all those great photographs that Chris Cooper was able to obtain. I have some insight on photo # 8 -- the possible Israeli soldiers. I was corresponding with Earl Parker back in late 98. He sent me some photos and told me a couple of stories. After they filmed the movie TARGET HARRY, Earl, Vic, Jo Lee and a bunch of friends went over to Israel. It seems that it was shortly after that Israeli war that won them their official country of Israel. I can't recall the name of the war but I believe it was in 1967. Hope that helps confirm the location. As we know, Earl was a huge photo buff.

Vic Morrow and Joanna Lee
Victor Buono and Vic Morrow, from "Target: Harry"
Victor Buono and Vic Morrow, from "Target: Harry"
Vic Morrow and Suzanne Pleshette and several other people, from "Target: Harry"
Vic Morrow and Suzanne Pleshette, apparently with the makeup person, from "Target: Harry"
Vic Morrow and Suzanne Pleshette, from "Target: Harry"
Vic Morrow and Suzanne Pleshette, from "Target: Harry"
Victor Buono, from "Target: Harry"
Victor Buono, from "Target: Harry"
Vic Morrow
Vic Morrow and Joanna Lee
Vic Morrow and Joanna Lee and ??
Vic Morrow and Joanna Lee
Vic Morrow and Joanna Lee
Vic Morrow and Joanna Lee
Vic Morrow and Joanna Lee
Vic Morrow and Joanna Lee
Vic Morrow and Suzanne Pleshette on the "Target: Harry" set
Joanna Lee and Vic Morrow
Victor Buono and Vic Morrow
Joanna Lee and Vic Morrow
Joanna Lee and Vic Morrow
Joanna Lee and Vic Morrow
Joanna Lee and Vic Morrow
Vic Morrow, Joanna Lee and ??
Vic Morrow and Victor Buono
Joanna Lee, Vic Morrow and ??
Joanna Lee and Vic Morrow
Joanna Lee, Vic Morrow and ??
Joanna Lee and Vic Morrow
Victor Buono, Vic Morrow and ?? on the "Target: Harry" set

December 1967    

Emmett Bergholtz